How To Destroy Angels

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English – Horror
Company: Empire Films

Leah, Billy, Reggie, Claire, Ryan and Cole have all grown up together in a small town in Montana. Apart from a family vacation every so often, no one has ever really left their cozy town. Now in their last year of college, it's spring break, and everyone is ready for an adventure and more importantly, a party. The biggest worry for the group is the recent split between Ryan and Clair, how Leah finally believes she has a shot with Ryan, and for the rest it's just trying to figure out the future and not wanting to grow up. That is until on their way to a popular campground, they receive bad directions by a gas station attendant leading them to the wrong location; a very empty campground. Deciding to set up camp anyways, the party begins, until Reggie accidently stumbles upon a camera buried in the dirt. The camera reveals the murders of a group of young teenagers from ten years ago that went missing and their gruesome murders are still a mystery today. But, before Reggie can tell the others, he's killed. As the groups' suspicions grow, they attempt to leave, but they can't, their car won't start and no one can remember exactly how they even got there. One by one they start to disappear. Each captured, tortured, and killed eventually leaving only three behind. This time they realize the killer isn't just one person but rather a “cult”, where the killings aren't just by chance, but a test to find the strongest willed.

Based on true events, every ten years a group is led to this site, watched, tested, videotaped, and are lured into their unique and unsettling deaths; unless they are the one who is chosen to be recruited. But this year, with three remaining, scandal begins to unfold as one of the remaining three is a legacy amongst the cult.