Alex Grant

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English – Drama/Romance
Company: Empire Films & Clear Absent Productions 

Cast: J.D. Driskill, Michael Pearl, Reece Kirk, Gwen Stewart, Alexia Quinn

Waking up in a hospital bed, staring at what he believes to be his girlfriend Grace and longtime friend Nathan, a young writer Alex Grant, has just lost the last year of his life. After a fatal car accident claims the lives of both his parents and leaves him in a coma, Alex struggles to keep a grasp on reality and figure out his place in the world. Leading him to turn to a life filled of drugs, lust and betrayal when he meets his “new” friend Jennifer, a prostitute and fellow drug addict, and starts to lose the other people who have tried to save him for so long. The one saving light left in Alex's life is a Navy officer Jared. A person who can only offer a listening ear through letters, until one day he offers Alex an opportunity to leave his home town behind. Thus leaving the question, can one every truly leave the past behind?