​Founded in 2009, Empire Films, based in Los Angeles California, is a full service production studio specializing in producing and packaging Independent films. The company currently has numerous feature films and television projects in development, including "Night to Night," "Alex Grant," "How to Destroy Angels," "The Bathroom Diaries," "16th Chapel," "Sick Sisters," and more. Empire Films has also worked with such companies as Grindstone Entertainment, Lionsgate, T.L.A. Releasing, and Spotlight Pictures for films like: "Virus X," "Scenes From A Gay Marriage," "The Ghostmaker," and many others. Their compelling "Orgy of the Damned" is slated for a late October 2014 release and the highly-anticipated "Travel Well, Kamikaze" is scheduled to come out early next year.

Empire Films prides itself on creating efficient, high quality and financially responsible projects. As a result of many years of development and the creation of new and cutting edge projects, the innovative banner has built several incredible resources, including cast, crew, equipment and diverse location options. Empire is resourceful, does not waste money, has the ability to stretch a film's purse strings and has the acumen to make a moderate budget film look studio quality.

As a result of its domestic and international shoots Empire has built contacts and relationships on a global scale.

They've sold projects to both major and mini-major distribution companies, creating a revenue stream, which enables the production entity to bankroll its next projects. In addition, Empire is adept at bringing a diverse group of private equity investors on board to fulfill necessary budget requirements and are consistently seeking to build their investor and co-production base as they widen their reach and create consistently high quality projects within a responsible budget without compromising quality.

Discovering new directors, auteur talent and creative visionaries is a stamp setting Empire apart in its genre. As they see it, the development of these individuals is lacking in the majority of current cinema.

The Company has been created with the specific purpose of bringing European personal vision to a more mainstream type of cinema without limiting itself to any specific category. Empire Films believes that no matter the cinematic undertaking whether genre films or more mainstream, each should be made with an insightful structure, elaborate production value and, visionary style.